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National Tax Attorney is a division of National Tax Relief®, Inc, founded by Robert Harris.

Robert Harris is the world's most impactful tax expert in the world. For over 20 years, Robert has guided billions of people with their tax issues.

Robert first started solving tax problems in client’s homes in 1993. He expanded his operations worldwide and received Tax

Resolution Firm of the year from Acquisition International.

Robert is a tax resolution expert today, but it wasn't always so. In 1985, he was a layman and didn't understand the tax laws. While obtaining his undergraduate degree from Point Loma Nazarene University he studied accounting. Yet one day, he got audited by the IRS, and found he couldn't fix his tax problems. So, Robert started studying the U.S. tax laws. He resolved his tax issues and found the tax laws improved his accounting skills. In 1991, he studied law at Western State University College of Law. His passion for tax continued and he received a Masters of Science Degree in Taxation.

Robert soon started working at Intuit, Inc where he developed and programmed TurboTax®. While at Intuit, Inc he continued to study and earned another graduate degree. This time it was an MBA with a specialization in accounting. Several years later he co-invented a “Technique for explaining income-tax calculations.” The U.S. government co-awarded him a patent (US 8417596 B1) in 2013. Today his work helps over 25 million people a year with tax issues.

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