National Tax Attorney is Saving Many from IRS Charges Since Last Two Decades

National Tax Attorney is serving innumerable clients big and small across the USA for the last two decades and holds and great reputation which is recognized by IRS itself. ...Read more

Drawbacks of Filing Tax Returns on Your Own

Filing tax returns is an important financial activity that can have a lot of impact on your financial situation, not only in the immediate future but also many years after the filing. ...Read more

National Tax Attorney can help you get out of your Tax Debt

The actions under the tax debt collection can wreak havoc on the taxpayers’ financial well-being and can even push the person deeper into the debt. ...Read more

Reasons to Hire a Tax Attorney in California

A tax attorney also known as a tax lawyer is an attorney who is specialized in solving complex tax legislation. They analyze the complexity of tax and then come up with a solution that benefits the taxpayer. ...Read more

Tax Attorney enables you to bid adieu to Tax Debt only for Good

The most important thing to keep into consideration when it is about filing taxes is to ensure that the calculation of taxes is apt as per the place that you reside since the tax laws change from one place to the other. ...Read more

The Significance of a Tax Law Firm

If you earn money, you must pay taxes. This is what a responsible citizen of the country does. However, when you file your taxes, you must be very sure about the laws and regulations of the state from where you are filing the taxes. ...Read more

How is it an advantage to hire a tax advocate

One of the best part of being a grown up is we are the master of our own bread, we earn and hence independent. At the same time, the worst thing about being a grown up is paying taxes. ...Read more

Advantages of hiring a Tax Attorney

Taxes and all the theories are not so easy and subtle to understand and would usually demand a thorough elaborate knowledge of the subject. ...Read more

Some Easy Tips to Find the Ideal Tax Lawyer

Just because you have found a tax attorney, it does not mean that he is the ideal one for you. The first thing to confirm is whether the lawyer can deal with your case or not. There are several types of cases within the tax law. ...Read more

The IRS is Allowing Taxpayers to Receive Their Tax Refunds

Breaking news for United States citizens and businesses who could not afford to pay their income taxes and did an Offer in compromise (OIC) with the IRS. ...Read more

Save yourself from the actions of the IRS

Tax filing is one of the major responsibilities that we as the citizens of a country have. It is the taxes that we pay because of which we can avail of so many public facilities. ...Read more

National Tax Attorney Informs Citizens About the Last Chance to Get the Advance Child Credit

National Tax Attorney, a well-acclaimed tax law firm in the United States of America, is helping the citizens of the country to avail themselves of the advance child credit. The taxpayers need to claim the payments by November 15, 2021, or they will not get it until the 2021 return is filed, the next year. ...Read more

Why do you need an attorney to deal with your tax-related issues

A tax attorney has expertise in several other such tax-related issues and you can easily get hold of one to resolve. ...Read more

The Significance of Tax Attorney

Paying tax is perhaps one of the duties as a citizen of the country that we all should abide by. The money we pay for taxes is used for most of the public services. ...Read more

The Importance of a Tax Law Firm

National Tax Attorney offers its services in many places in the nation. You just need to be sure that they offer the services in your city as well. Once you are certain about that, you can go ahead and even pay them a visit at their office. ...Read more

Getting Your Stimulus Payment through your 2020 Tax Return

The Stimulus Payment is one of the biggest relief that is coming to the citizens of the USA from the government as the COVID 19 has played HAVOC with people’s financial well-being and employment. ...Read more

National Tax Attorney can help your Get out of Tax Debt

We live in times when we continuously face financial hardships, uncertainty and changes. In these times it is very important that we should be able to maintain our financial well-being and protect ourselves against all financial hardships. ...Read more

Free yourself from IRS Wage Garnishment with National Tax Attorney

Tax debt is one of the major economic crises that any taxpayer may come to face. Whether they have missed their tax filing date, submitted a falsified tax record, or simply miscalculated their tax amount, the taxpayer is at risk of owing back taxes to the government. ...Read more

Consequences of Missing your Tax Deadline and How to Fix it

Paying taxes by the specific deadline is something that should be done by all the citizens. As most of you must be aware already that the tax deadline was April 15th, 2020 all over the US however for this year it got extended to July 15th, 2020. ...Read more

How a Tax Lawyer can help you

While we socialize with so many people, the majority of them do not have an in-depth knowledge of tax laws. ...Read more

Tax Attorney helps you Say Goodbye to Tax Debt for Good

Filing Taxes is one of the most important tasks that you have to carry out periodi-cally as an adult. ...Read more

Choose the Best Tax Lawyer for your Business in Simple Steps

Taxation is one of the main functions that no business should ignore if they want to continue without any guilt. ...Read more

What to do if you have missed filing your earlier tax returns

There may be many reasons for a taxpayer to miss filing their tax returns. Some of these may be, not having enough money for paying taxes, forgetting to file the tax return, not having enough time or knowledge to file the return, or misinterpreting the tax laws and regulations. ...Read more

The Many Reasons Why You Need a Tax Lawyer

Filing taxes look no big of a deal, until you go through the tax laws and regulations get confused with them. The tax laws and regulations are so complex sometimes that no matter how good you are at filing taxes, they may leave you at a confused state. ...Read more

Five Points to Discuss Before Hiring a Tax Attorney

Tax laws are something that not every taxpayer understands. There are so many points in tax laws that can be a little difficult for taxpayers to understand. ...Read more

Three Quick Tips to Find the Right Tax Attorney

Starting your own business, no matter at which scale, is not a joke. Right from the idea to the capital investment, we do so many things for the business, so that it flourishes like the way we want. Though we can take care of all the ends of the business, the only thing we need to be very careful about is the laws and taxes that we would need to pay. ...Read more

When Do You Need a Tax Lawyer

Taxes are confusing and you often feel trapped when you must deal with it despite having little knowledge about the entire matter. ...Read more

Disadvantages of filing tax returns on your own

Filing tax returns is an important financial activity which can have a lot of impact on your financial situation, not only in the immediate future but also many years after the filing. ...Read more

Contact a Tax Attorney from the Comfort of your Home

With the advent of the Internet, one of the best things that has happened is that we do not have to wander around town to get information about something, or even to get in touch with a professional. ...Read more

How do I bring a solution to my tax problems

Tax issues are something that we all are aware of and we all want to avoid. But when we end up making some kind of error in the process of filing taxes, is it possible for us to solve it? ...Read more

Three Points to Consider Before Hiring a Tax Attorney

In today’s world, everyone is busy due to taking care of their many responsibilities. There are many people who do not have even enough time to meet their own family and friends. ...Read more

A Few Reasons to Contact a Tax Attorney

Being under debt is never a fun thing in life. You live under the constant pressure of paying the money back, no matter who the creditor is. And, if the creditor is the IRS, then for sure you will not sleep well at night. ...Read more

Why do you Need a Tax Lawyer

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Things that Keep Tax Attorneys Awake at Night

Things that Keep Tax Attorneys Awake at Night ...Read more

Why do I need a Tax Lawyer

Why do I need a Tax Lawyer? Connect with National Tax attorney for all your tax requirements. ...Read more

A Complete Guide on Finding an IRS Tax Attorney

A Complete Guide on Finding an IRS Tax Attorney ...Read more

Find an Affordable IRS Tax Attorney in California with these Tips

Find an Affordable IRS Tax Attorney in California with these Tips ...Read more

Overall C-corporation tax is still higher than S-corporation tax under new tax laws.

To be... or not to be a C-corporation under the new tax laws. While C Corporations may be taxed at 20% the overall taxes are still going to be higher than an S-Corporation.

Basically an owner of a C corporation pays double tax. A C corporation pays 20% tax on it's bottomline. The owner/shareholder also pays tax on the income he receives from the C corporation. If the owner takes his/her income as dividends he could be taxed at 38.5% plus 3.8% for payroll tax. If the owners sells long term capital stock back to the corporation then he could be taxed 20% plus any applicable 3.8% Obamacare surcharge ...Read more

Here's where you stand in the new 2018 tax brackets

New President. New tax brackets See what tax bracket you are in under Trumps new tax laws. Check if the latest 2018 tax guidelines could very well place you inside a totally different income tax bracket. Donald Trump signed the new tax bill which still has seven brackets as before. The percentages are not the same as the brackets changed depending upon your taxable income. Previous to the recent guidelines, the 7 tax brackets were 10%, 15%, 25%, 28 %, 33 %, 35 %, and 39.6 %. The new percentage brackets are 10%, 12%, 22%, 24%, 32%, 35 %, and 37 %. All single filers will now be taxed at the following tax rates. ...Read more