A tax attorney also known as a tax lawyer is an attorney who is specialized in solving complex tax legislation. They analyze the complexity of tax and then come up with a solution that benefits the taxpayer. Their advice is based on calculation in the context of legal procedure. Now you might be thinking about when one can use a tax attorney in California and the answer is very simple. A tax attorney can be very helpful when one owes back taxes to the respective authority. Generally, two-thirds of the taxes are collected by the state government and one-third of the taxes are collected by local governments. Tax can be in any form like income tax, corporation tax, tax on land, etc. Taxes are implemented on income tax as well as the money you earned as commission in California.

California state and local government depend on 3 forms of taxes i.e. personal tax that goes to state government, property tax goes to local government, and sales and use tax are shared by both state government and local government.

Taxes can be very tricky especially when one owes back taxes to the government to negotiate the deal and save the taxpayer from all the tax trouble a taxpayer comes into the picture.

Reasons to Hire a Tax Attorney:

  1. You Owe Back Taxes to the Government: When you owe back taxes to the IRS, it is advised to contact a tax attorney. A tax attorney can help you work with the IRS to process the back taxes. They also help to set a payment plan that can benefit both taxpayers and the IRS. Clearing back taxes can be very tricky and one needs the assistance of professionals.
  2. Setting up a New Business: Thinking to start a new business? Exploring your source of income is a good idea but before starting a new venture or business one should consider setting up a very complicated tax account. To start a business you have to incorporate it correctly like a sole proprietorship, a partnership, etc. in addition you also need to set up a bank business account and Employee Identification Number (EIN). These entire tasks require a lot of paperwork and to get every paper in proper order you need the help of a professional tax attorney.
  3. Dealing with the IRS Wage Garnishment and Tax Liens: Wage Garnishment and tax liens can be a nightmare for any taxpayers. One can get in trouble when the IRS starts garnishing your wages and placing tax liens on your property. When one owes back taxes, IRS send them notices but if they get ignored then IRS takes strict action and starts garnishing your wage and placing tax liens on your property this is the time when you need a tax attorney the most. The hired tax attorney then communicates with the IRS and works out some sort of payment plan which is accepted by both the parties that will stop the wage garnishment and tax lien attempts on properties. As long as you hold the terms of your agreement, the IRS will work with you and your tax attorney to reach a solution. 

Many tax attorneys in California are expert professionals and National Tax Attorney is one of them. They are experts in handling back taxes and are aware of the latest rule and regulations of the IRS. When you get stuck with your taxes the best thing is to contact a Tax Attorney and let the professionals do their work.